Just so it’s clear…

I will forever be editing and re-editing

Obviously, I am not a writer. I don’t pretend to be some great, grammatically correct essayist. I am just a mom sitting down at her son’s laptop and typing what I feel at that moment.  I reread my posts and self-edit, in fact I just corrected this post like months later. And I have had this blog for a year and only have like 5 posts.

I will commit to this and try to do better. I am still mommy-ing through the chaos one year post- family break-up. And when I can finally sit down at the computer, I will share more of what it’s like to be a single mom of three with one on the spectrum.

Author: CM!

I am a single mom of three, with one kiddo on the spectrum. I love to scrapbook, knit, and pretty much go overboard with crafts. I love to run and challenge my brother to 5Ks. I am recently divorced and picking up the pieces of my life while forming my identity. Sharing this process on my blog, I hope to help other mommas going through the same experiences.

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