Reasons Why My Autistic Kiddo is Awesome

IMG_6714This is an ongoing list of all the reasons why I love this awesome kid:

  • He sleeps in on Christmas morning.
  • He gives me the best hugs.
  • He turns his back when hugging every one else.
  • When he tries really hard, he sticks out his tongue.
  • He can read!!!
  • He memorized the bus and train routes.
  • He skips along in the crisp, winter air likes its the middle of summer.
  • He likes going to the pool.
  • He secretly gives hugs to his little sister.
  • He mistook dog pee for a puddle.
  • So last night he bit my leg…this is why I shave my legs despite being single.
  • He is the only kid that I know that likes Charlie Brown.
  • And on that note, he actually replied to his speech therapist, “Blah, blah, blah,blah.”
  • He still doesn’t understand the big deal about opening presents.
  • When I pick him up from school, he literally runs and jumps into my arms.
  • He will strut around in his underwear…he is totally comfortable with his beach bod, wish I was.
  • He is a bottomless pit.
  • Bottomless pit keeps me skinny by stealing my food.
  • He will sneak his edible rewards from his therapist when they are not paying attention.
  • He keeps his therapists on their toes.
  • He can add.
  • He has really good penmanship.
  • He likes to cuddle.
  • He has a sense of humor.
  • He is afraid of the dark.
  • He has the quirkiest little dance.
  • He can count to 15 en Español. I only learned to 10.
  • He likes to sing.
  • He misses and asks for his brother and sister when they are not around.
  • He is emotional and cries.
  • He tries so hard to play Mario on WiiU.
  • When he was three, he sang Frozen’s “Love is an Open Door” at the top of his lungs while shopping at Michael’s.
  • Then he turned it into a duet.
  • He stims using my nose.
  • He walks to school holding his Woody doll.
  • He is just not into sweatpants or anything stretchy…I wish I could get out of my yoga pants.
  • When he gets himself dressed, he puts his t-shirt on backwards.
  • Me singing, “Everything is…” He finishes with “Awesome.” That is officially our song!
  • He fell asleep holding  a carrot.
  • He doesn’t like to eat carrots.
  • On his first day of Kindergarten, he got lost in the school. And we hadn’t told the school he was autistic, yet.*
  • Last night, he needed to cuddle.
  • I love when he says, “C’mon mom.”
  • So no longer holding onto Woody. He walks around with Olaf.
  • New habit: Taking my hand up to his mouth and using my fingernail as floss. EWWW  but why fight it.
  • Love hearing him say, “Stay with mom?”
  • He just turned nine and asked for “Uppy?” Not even his four year old sister likes to be picked up.


*So you’re maybe thinking, ‘well that was a lousy irresponsible thing to do by not letting the school know before hand! Shame on you Mom!’ Yeah, f— you! By not letting the school know about the autism was the only chance my son could even attend his neighborhood school. Long story but that CPS for you.

Author: CM!

I am a single mom of three, with one kiddo on the spectrum. I love to scrapbook, knit, and pretty much go overboard with crafts. I love to run and challenge my brother to 5Ks. I am recently divorced and picking up the pieces of my life while forming my identity. Sharing this process on my blog, I hope to help other mommas going through the same experiences.

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