Hi There!

I just returned from the Upside Down (I hope you are into Stranger Things too or I am going to sound like a weirdo) and I am ready to resume writing. Life is hectic but I have the urge to write again. I always think about getting back to my laptop and I have so many topics to write about but then I get busy or really insecure or just plain lazy. I have updates about my life and my kiddos. Our lives have really changed and it’s starting to feel like we are actually thriving post-divorce. Yeah, that’s right it is official: I am a divorcée. I take pride in saying that I am a single-working mother, aka Wonder Woman. I have started to reclaim a sense of self-worth. I even started to revert back to the me before him.

So updates are:

  • We moved to a new neighborhood!
  • My boys started a new school!
  • My Kiddo #2 who is autistic was placed into a special education classroom!*
  • We celebrated birthdays: Kiddo #1  is 11, Kiddo #2 is 9, Kiddo # 3 is 4, and I am old and poor.
  • I started working.

While these may seem like small updates to others, they are pretty huge for us. We have left the familiarity of our old neighborhood and school. And now it feels like I really am starting over. The process of starting over was not easy and it’s why I have been so silent.   For a few weeks it got scary and hard. Just because the divorce is finalized does not mean the drama stops. Unfortunately, it can get worse when all the lawyers go away.  I will share more of what happened. I am still mentally and emotionally processing some of the things that happened so stay tuned. I just want to tell my make-believe audience that I am alive and thriving.


*I bet you are wondering why my son was recently placed into a special education classroom. It’s one of the topics that I want to write about but it’s a complicated story. I am still trying to figure out how to tell it while protecting my son’s privacy and not to jeopardize his new placement. It was not easy to get him into a sped classroom.

IMG_1992 copy
I recently ordered a new planner and was surprised at the quote inside. I am not into inspirational quotes but this one was perfect, ” Don’t pray for life to be easy but pray for yourself to be strong.”

Author: CM!

I am a single mom of three, with one kiddo on the spectrum. I love to scrapbook, knit, and pretty much go overboard with crafts. I love to run and challenge my brother to 5Ks. I am recently divorced and picking up the pieces of my life while forming my identity. Sharing this process on my blog, I hope to help other mommas going through the same experiences.

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